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Presented by George Monbiot, with live music from Charlotte Church
Emergency Rescue Plan
5 things the
Government must do
  1. Fine the Polluters
    per litre of pollution discharged.
  2. Fund the Enforcers
    Double the budgets of our environmental protection agencies
  3. Monitor the Mess
    Install continuous pollution monitoring on key rivers, with live data displayed publicly online.
  4. Buffer the Banks
    Make farm subsidies conditional on creating wild corridors along rivers and streams.
  5. Let us Test
    Launch standardised water sampling protocol so local citizens can collect polluted water for legal actions.
5 things
you can do
  1. Write to Your MP
    Urging them to save our rivers.
  2. Sign the Petition
  3. Join or Start a 'Friends Group'
    Organise clean-ups, highlight pollution incidents, start citizen science monitoring.
  4. Campaign for Bathing
    Water Status

    Thanks to campaigners in Ilkley, England has one river designated for swimming. France has 570.
  5. Respect your River
    Visit it, learn its history, take children to play by it, share photos & stories
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